Malicious Injury or Destruction of Property

The criminal charge of malicious injury or destruction of property is the most common criminal property damage offense in Oklahoma. You could face this charge if the prosecution has sufficient probable cause to believe that you maliciously injured, defaced, or destroyed any property belonging to someone else. The charge and potential sentence you face varies depending on the value of the damage that occurred during the commission of the offense..

If the damage or destruction is valued at less than $1,000, you will face a misdemeanor charge which typically carries less than 1 year in jail.

If, however, the damage or destruction is valued at more than $1,000 or you have a prior conviction for this offense, you will face a felony charge and potentially lengthy prison sentence.

In addition to these criminal penalties, the victim of the offense can take you to civil court where you may be held responsible for any costs related to repairing and replacing the damaged property (restitution).

Ref: Oklahoma Criminal Statute §21-1760

Injuring a House of Worship

If the prosecution has reason to believe that you have damaged or defaced a church building, or it’s contents (willfully broke, defaced, or injured any house of worship or any part of, or any property contained within a house of worship) you could be charged with this felony offense. Property damage charges that are felonies in Oklahoma carry a potential prison sentence greater than one year.

Houses of worship include traditional churches, mosques, and synagogues, as well as any other building primarily used to practice a religion.

Ref: Oklahoma Criminal Statute §21-1765

Injury to any Motor Vehicle

You could be facing this charge if you loiter in, loiter on, deface, injure, or drive or attempt to drive for joyriding purposes, a vehicle that is not your own. If charged and convicted of this offense you will face a misdemeanor on your criminal record and a potential sentence of $500 in fines and 1 year in jail.

This charge includes road rage related damage, keying or deliberately scratching a car, and other damage.

Ref: Oklahoma Criminal Statute §21-1787, 1788